New options for players serve to make your profits!

A huge step forward was made: earlier this week Lotto Agent launched a few new services for its users: the "Subscription" and "Multiple Draw". These options allow to literally reserve participation in several subsequent draws of a certain lottery.

Why is it beneficial for you?

  • The "Multiple Draw" increases the average check price. With this option, the user pays for the participation in a few upcoming draws at one blow.
  • The "Subscription" effects on the retention rate. Once has picked the option, the user opts to be automatically entered into every draw.

With new options your profits are guaranteed to increase automatically!

The "Subscription" and "Multiple Draw" are available for most lotteries on the Lotto Agent official site: the American, Spanish, Italian and Pan-European. We invite you to take advantage of the new features — with them comes an amazing opportunity for the revenue growth.