Updated links and useful changes in the partner account

Meet the latest updates of July:

  1. We’ve converted affiliate links into a new format. With them, click processing will be faster. The links look more neutral now: they no longer include the name of our brand and it’s impossible to identify the network of affiliate sites with them. The outdated links remain active, however we recommend our partners to make updates on their sites.

  2. Landing pages are now available in the affiliate account. We’ve developed several different landing pages, each of which is a powerful marketing tool. Their goal is to effectively stir up interest, encouraging users to make purchases willingly.

  3. The new section “Promo codes” is also available in the affiliate account. In this section, our partners can view all current discount codes — common and issued specifically for them — and use them in their marketing campaigns.

  4. We’ve added widgets for new lotteries to our affiliates' accounts.

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