We’ve added 5 new lotteries on the site – it’s very useful for conversion. Why?

Divide and rule!

Players are more active and bring you more income on certain days of the week – the days of drawings.

To balance the influx of visitors to the site on all days of the week, we've added 4 new lotteries with drawings on Monday and Sunday:

1) Hatos Lottó is the Hungarian lottery with the ability to choose 6 numbers out of 45.

2) France Loto is a lottery with high chances of winning: 1 to 16.

3) Romana Loto 6/49 is the simple Romanian Lottery with the format "6 of 49".

4) Greece Tzoker is a large Greek lottery.

At the request of our users the popular American Lottery New York Lotto has also appeared on the site.