Meet 2019: the results of another fruitful year!

2018 was one of the most fruitful years for us. We believe: there’s more to come! We say thank you for working alongside with us during this year and offer to enter 2019 together. Without you we couldn’t have achieved such a tremendous success.

During 2018, we were improving the quality of our affiliate program. Let us tell you about the most memorable moments of the outgoing year:

Our staff has tripled

We are actively entering new markets and conquering peaks that we’ve never conquered before, so our team of professionals has become bigger.

We visited the Affiliate Conference in Amsterdam

In July, we for the second time visited the international Affiliate Conference in Amsterdam, where we got acquainted with new business trends, talked to like-minded people and strengthened our business contacts.

We launched new widgets

In 2018, we launched new dynamic widgets that look great, do an excellent job with their primary sales promotion function and are easily embedded on any site.

We have improved the quality of our API

We updated our API to version 2.0. New methods have been added and the format of responses to some requests has been changed. We also made some useful changes to the filtration system of promotional offers.

We put all our promo materials in the CDN

Small technical improvements lead to great progress! We’ve joined the content redistribution system (CDN) and now all our marketing materials are processed much faster.

2018 was difficult, interesting and fruitful. We thank you for being with us all this time. Everything that we have achieved, we have achieved together. We know that in 2019 our collaboration will bring even more success and profit.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!