We quickly burst into India and we loved it!

We have already told our readers and affiliates that we are actively preparing for the Indian market. Time to sum up!

We want to strengthen our position in the Indian market. Over many months, both companies, Lottery Partner and Lotto Agent, have done much preparation work. Although, in general, Lotto Agent has always had a lot of users from India, this market is not new for the company, but there is always room for improvement.

As a result, we have full payment processor coverage, a localized website, Hindi support, employees with knowledge of the local mentality, and a close relationship with Indian media and influencers to maintain brand awareness. Therefore, we are ready to draw some intermediate conclusions: onboarding was a success!

We will continue moving in this direction and invite you to join us! If you work in India or want to develop in this direction, please reach us on Skype, lottery.partner.