Hot topic: widgets, postbacks and new language versions

Useful August updates:

Postback Section

We’ve added a postback page to the interface of our partners’ accounts. In this section, the information on the configured postbacks can be viewed. It’s organized in two informative tables: the first contains data on all available macros that can be included in any postback. The second table is a list of all customized postbacks our affiliate set up, the number of which can reach any amount.

Widgets for new offers

Dynamic widgets for new lotteries have also been added to our partners’ accounts. Our smart widgets are easily integrated into any of sites. With them, users are able to pick lottery numbers without unnecessary clicks, which can cause audience loss. Using smart widgets guarantees increased conversion. Widgets are available in 20+ languages and in seven size versions.

Promotional materials in 13 additional languages

Earlier, our promotional materials have already been localized for eight languages. Now 13 more language versions have been added to them: Polish, Czech, Arabic, Thai, Hindi, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Romanian, Swedish, Indonesian, Malaysian, Finnish and Norwegian. Widgets in these languages are already available in our partners’ accounts. Very soon, the collection of promotional materials will be replenished with localized banners!

Under development: soon we will announce brand new banners!

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