API 2.0: we’ve launched an advanced version of the API

Our API has been upgraded to version 2.0. New methods were added and the format for replies to some requests was changed. Today we briefly announce the major innovations.

The improved version of the API opens new potentials for our partners:

1. The ability to quickly get all the promotional materials for each particular lottery

This API method can be useful when one would like to get the code for inserting promotional materials for any particular lottery with the help of the API.

2. The ability to check the set of numbers for winnings for any specified period

This method allows our partners to check the set of numbers for winnings in all lottery draws over a specified period. When sending a request to us, we return the results of all draws over a specified period, indicating prizes and number of matched balls.

This method can be used to create widgets to check the players’ lucky numbers for winnings. Practice has shown that such widgets refine the conversion, increase the loyalty of the audience and warm up the interest of players.

New announcements and innovations are coming soon!