Improved API and new gambling model: august updates

We at Lottery Partner are launching an API update - version 2.3.

Now, using new methods, you can get information about:

  • The name of the syndicate;
  • The number of shares (total and available);
  • The number of tickets;
  • Participating numbers (pre-selected randomly or using a certain algorithm).

Scripts of the updated API and examples of their use can be found in the Personal Account.

In other news, the Lotto Agent service is switching to a new gambling model – lottery betting. If earlier the company bought its users real lottery tickets, now users will have the opportunity to place bets on the results of games. In the near future we will tell you about all the advantages of lottery betting, but already now it is possible to predict a jump in sales in connection with such a transition – this gambling model concept creates an opportunity for marketing experiments.

We recommend replacing phrases associated with the old model (for example, “lottery ticket”) with more neutral ones, not tied to a specific model.

Also, the launch of the new Lotto Agent website is expected in the near future.