Lotto Agent has launched the sales of the Spanish lottery San Valentin

This week, the distribution of San Valentin has been launched. This is a popular Spanish game from the operator SELAE dedicated to Saint Valentine's Day. San Valentin is a part of the Spanish festive lotteries on a par with Lotería de Navidad, El Niño and other games which are collectively called Lotería Nacional.

The San Valentin raffle will take place on February 11, but the tickets are in high demand right now already. The games of Lotería Nacional went top sellers in the shortest possible time. Nontrivial, refreshing and highly advantageous game rules prompted the success.

What are the advantages of these games?

  • Several Jackpots are drawn in just a few hours within the drawing ceremony. San Valentin is guaranteed to distribute 10 Major Prizes this year.
  • Lotería National games are boasting high winning odds — both for Jackpots and numerous secondary prizes. The odds to win in San Valentin are 1 to 2.6.
  • Each month SELAE organizes a new game, timing it to a national holiday. It’s getting a new good tradition for the player to take part in the draw.
  • More than 65% of the Lotto Agent users continue to play games of Lotería Nacional even after the first involvement.

All of the above is to bring you a stable and high income.