Useful Changes in the API and the Filtering System

We have updated the API and added several options to the filter so that our partners don’t spend a lot of time searching for the necessary promo materials and the best Jackpots when prepare advertising campaigns.

People like big numbers. A massive Jackpot with a large number of zeros is always a precursor of better traffic and sales. Now the search for the best promo offers takes only a few seconds, as we added several useful options to the filter. Changes also touched on our unique API.

1. "Lottery" Option

We added the "Lottery" filter parameter to those promotional materials, where it was missing. This parameter allows our partners to quickly find all available promotional materials, such as banners, widgets and others, for each particular lottery.

2. "Best Offer" Option

The "Best Deal" option in the “Lottery” instantly displays smart links and smart widgets in the search, which when embedded in the sites of our partners will direct users to the lottery page with the largest Jackpot at any instant.

3. API Changes

We added the API method that allows our partners to get all available promotional materials for each particular lottery. To activate this method, one needs to download new scripts in the personal account and install them where necessary.